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No. 623 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

No. 623 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No. 623 Squadron (RAF) during the Second World War

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No.623 Squadron was a short-lived heavy bomber squadron that took part in Bomber Command's strategic bombing offensive for three months. The squadron was formed on 10 August 1943 from a flight of No.218 Squadron, and flew its first operation on the same night.

The squadron was only operational for three months. It was then decided to increase the number of aircraft in each of No.5 Group's conversion units up to thirty-seven aircraft. No.623 Squadron was disbanded and its aircraft went to those conversion units while the crews went to Nos.90, 218 and 514 Squadrons.

During its short existence the squadron took part in 31 missions, flying 150 sorties for the loss of 10 aircraft, a very high rate of 6.7% and a sign of vulnerability of the Stirling.

August-December 1943: Short Stirling III

August-December 1943

Squadron Codes: IC

10 August-6 December 1943: Bomber Command main force

Part of
10 August-6 December 1943: No.3 Group; Bomber Command


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