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Staten YFB-36 - History

Staten YFB-36 - History

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(YFB-36: dp. 693 (f.); 1. 142'0; b. 37'6; dr. 13'6;
s. 12 k.)

Washington Square—a steel-hulled automobile ferry built in 1931 at Brooklyn, N.Y., by the Todd Drydock Engineering Repair Corp.—was acquired by the Navy from the New York City Department of Marine and Aviation on 17 August 1942, renamed Staten (YFB-36); and was placed in service on 9 October 1942.

Under the control of the Commandant, 3d Naval District, Staten shuttled passengers and cargo back and forth between the New York Navy Yard and the Navy base at Bayonne, N.J. She was transferred to the Maritime Commission on 14 March 1946, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 28 January 1947. Staten was disposed of by the War Shipping Administration on 10 June 1948.

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