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A hard, heavy, durable wood obtained from trees found in tropical Asia and Africa.

(YN-10: dp. 560; 1. 163'2"; b. 30'6"; dr. 11'8"; s. 12 k.;
cpl. 48; a. 1 3"; cl. Aloe)

Ebony (YN-10) was launched 3 June 1941 by General Engineering and Dry Dock Co. Alameda, Calif., sponsored by Mrs. Clara Valtey, placed in service 16 September 1941 for duty in the 12th Naval District; and commissioned 22 May 1942, Ensign S. Bernsen, USNR in command. She was reclassified AN-15, 20 January 1944.

Ebony sailed from San Francisco 24 May 1942 for the South Pacific. After a brief period in the Fiji Islands she arrived at Auckland, New Zealand, 27 July, to serve as net ante tender. She sailed to Noumen in January 1943 to assist in towing a stranded vessel to safety and remained until May to salvage Shaw (DD-373). Ebony continued her net tending in the South Pacific, basing primarily at Noumea and Espiritu Santo, until the end of the war. She returned to San Pedro, Calif., 8 October 1945, and was placed out of commission in reserve at Astoria, Oreg., 23 March 1946.

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